Mobile app UI/UX Design


Hollabox is the world's first video review platform, allowing a transparent look inside some of the best social venues and experiences around the world. We were happily presented with the challenge of a full overhaul, to increase their user-base, and allow for scaling up.

Our team approached the project by implementing a full UX process, from research, to prototyping, to UI design, with a strong focus on process, user research and user testing. We ran sessions with a range of user-types to really tap into what our demographic would like to see in the new and improved version.

The solution was a move beyond simply providing videos of inside restauarants and bars. The vision was for the new app to act as a social portal to share and discover new experiences worldwide.

As well as control over digital output, we also led a branding overhaul including the logo. This look and feel refresh signified a new stage for the start-up, and the new guidelines helped define the brand positioning as friendly, fun and quirky.

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